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We are your partnerfor content marketing in Asia.


Content Strategy Planning, Editorial Calendar Planning, Writer Assignment & mangement, Editorial Reveiw workflow, Topic Marketiplace, Measurement & Reporting.


Our network of professional Writers and creative talents in Korea provides you a perfect team for every content you need.

Contents Marketing Consulting

Effective content marketing requires a coherent strategy and dedicated team and process. We provide a dedicated contents marketing expert to help you succeed.

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콘텐츠 기획

Manage your content marketing
with our collaborative workflows and calendars.

글 주문

Describe your content needs
as per our detailed guidelines.

작가 선정

Our technology finds
the best writers for your content.


Contenta Editor review
contents and provide edits.


Publish your content.
Enjoy the result!

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Our freelance network includes over 2,500 journalists, professional wrtiers, copywriters and markerts in Korea
meaning you’ll have the perfect team for every content need.

Become Contenta Writers

  • Anywhere

    Work anywhere you choose.

  • Portfolio

    Build the portfolio that will shine you.

  • Guaranteed payment

    Let us do other chores such as finding clients and processing payments.

  • Your own editor

    Our editor reveiws your writings and provides feedback.

  • Your area of expertise

    Build your expertise in the ared of your choice.

  • Flexible

    You decide your own shcedule.

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